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Little Ataulfos. Big Opportunity.

January 31, 2024

Offering consumers  a side of value along with their #MangoJoy

Our sweet organic Ataulfos are making their way across the USA and into stores. Their natural sugar caramel sweetness, complemented by subtle Mexican spice undertones, is soon to grace the hands of eager Ataulfo aficionados. The potential for sweet culinary creations becomes limitless: from vibrant salsas and fiery hot sauces (Crespo Sinaloa Sauce) to delightful breakfasts, luscious cakes, and decadent desserts. Most will simply eat them and experience the high dose of #MangoJoy that this particular varietal offers, savoring them more so this season onset with the backdrop of the mango-chaos.

We won’t deceive ourselves and overlook the significantly high market prices and their impact on both sales and consumer enthusiasm for mangoes. It’s evident that we are navigating uncharted territory in the realm of mango markets, a situation well-acknowledged by all.

Certainly, I think, we not only have good ideas but also the determination and mango expertise to navigate through the chaos, all with the goal of achieving sweet results for consumers, retailers and our own systems. In these times, it’s crucial for all of us to tap into our creativity, think more openly, and be willing to try new things.

One positive update that motivates us further is that in initial flavor and taste profiling is looking terrific. The fruit is showcasing exceptionally high brix levels and coupled with healthy nutrient rich orchards, things seem to point to fantastic and  reoccurring eating experience with lots of deep nuanced flavor- a characteristic the Ataulfo is uniquely known for.

Currently the orchards are ripe with a little Ataulfo mango opportunity for the next several weeks and we think this could create some excitement for consumers and some much needed value on the mango-display. As the initial onset fruit tends to be smaller (starting small and growing larger during the season), coupled with the current high prices- volumes are heavier on small fruit.

So in order to infuse more excitement and value into the mango category we are rolling out our Little Ataulfos. Big Opportunities. promotion making smaller mangoes available at a discounted price- aiming to create a little extra excitement into the mango category. Net-Bags (Bonitas Mallas de Mangoes), Big Boxes (The Crespo Big Box) and 4KG Cases (El Caja Original) will all be on sale for the next few weeks!

Our Ataulfo Net-Bags have consistently proven to generate incremental sales, and with our promotional pricing, they bring additional and much-needed value to the mango display. These bags are packed in 3lb units, containing 6-8 mangoes sized at 20/22 count per bag/SKU. Each master case holds 7 of our Crespo Organic Net-Bags, neatly packed in The Crespo Big Box, which also makes wonderful- anywhere in the store– displays

These Net-Bags not only look impressive when arranged on mango displays but also attract consumers with their sleek “fishnet” style packaging, featuring the vibrant yellow mango color  amidst the back net that pops and captures attention. The Crespo Organic signature mango-education style is evident on the tag, providing instant points of purchase information, educating consumers about Ataulfo ripening and pronunciation. The label directs shoppers to our website for more mango-expert information on how to choose, store, cut, and use Ataulfo mangoes, including everyday easy recipes for this special Mexican cultivar.

The Net- Bags are available by pre-order only and come in all varietals! The round mangoes start today so expect opportunities on those as soon as pipelines fill or excess sizing becomes available!

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