Mangoes reign as the most cultivated and consumed fruit in the world. It’s no wonder this succulent darling is cherished in so many corners of the world. Under the Mango Tree provides a sweet sanctuary for mango lovers and inquisitive organic agricultural minds.

Under my Mango Tree, I, a long-time mango industry crackerjack, share, ponder and report on all-things-mango. The goal is simple. I offer my experience, expertise, and ideas in the hopes of empowering growers and educating consumers on one of the most lauded fruits in the world. From orchard to plate, I follow the tailwinds of the organic mango. Here you will uncover recipes, tips, tricks and organic trade information and maybe even indulge in a few secrets and lies.

I’m a longtime veteran of the organic produce industry. I have clocked over 20 years working the global gamut of farm to fork. Organic mangoes have held a special place in my heart since 2006 when I took my first trip to a Mexican mango orchard.

This blog is my own, but full disclosure, I use it as a sales and marketing tool for the Crespo Organic Mango brand. I’m proud to promote the Crespo family and their story.

My contributions toward food and agricultural education, on the consumer level, is accented by a lifelong culinary career. In addition to traveling the world assisting growers, I am a cooking instructor, food writer, recipe developer and food marketing photographer. I specialize in fresh herbs and sustainable, organic, fair-trade and local produce. I am a bit of an extremist in demonstrating that the art of eating & cooking well is a simple process. I have a special knack for educating and influencing children, leaving a long trail of smiles, openness toward eating and tiny chefs-in-the-making.

I long for the day when we can all see the interconnectedness of the people and places that produce our food. I spend any free time I have cooking and developing new recipes with my furry friend Inca by my side as well as friends and family who always drift my way, no matter where I am in the world. I enjoy the beach more than anywhere else, and I feel most at home when I’m pushing my comfort zones while discovering new cultures.

Under The Mango Tree,
in the quiet shade,

sunlight drips inward,
leaves sway in gentle breezes,
perfumed scents abound,
Under The Mango Tree,
I find peace and gentleness.
Under My Mango Tree,
all is shared.
-Nissa Pierson