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2024 Summer Mango Mania Events Calendar!

June 21, 2024


#MuchosMangoes & #MangoJoy Coming Your Way!

Crespo Organic Summer Mango Mania #MuchosMangoes is here and the Crespo Organic Kitchen is, like usual, making it extra special for the month of July. Join in for virtual and in-store mango-experiences and douse yourself with sweet #MangoJoy.

For those of you slow to the mania who may be asking- What the Heck is Crespo Summer Mango Mania?

It’s the collision point between our peak production time in Nayarit & Sinaloa and the height of consumer demand, better known as; SUMMER TIME! For two months, in the heat of the summer, between June and August, while orchards are most copious, Mango Mania frenzy ensues! Crespo Organic Summer Mango Mania desires to Educate, Excite Engage and Entice mango consumers with sweet price points and juicy sales, delicious culinary and educational events and a general spreading of useful, relevant mango education.We offer a full spectrum of creative and reliable resources and experiences, designed to stimulate, and entice purchases at the store level, as well as educate and arouse consumers digitally.

For the entire month of July the Crespo Organic Kitchen, which is essentially the marketing leg and test kitchen for all things Crespo Organic, managed by me (Nissa)  and my company Ger-Nis Culinary & Herb Center  (a boutique food  education,   sales & marketing  and media company;  specializing in local, organic, fair and sustainable food and agriculture), will inundate your feeds and your stores with the most amazing mango-centric education and fun – it’s a mango lovers month of dreams! And rest assured everywhere Crespo Organic mangoes are sold- you will find them ON SALE!

Head over to our CRESPO EVENTS PAGE on our website to learn more about how to indulge in any of our mango-centric events or experiences or  check out the Events Descriptions Post with a descriptions for each category described in detail!

Enjoy your summer, eat lots of mangoes! Organic ones…… and feel lots and lots of #MangoJoy


( The calendar is always being updated and can change without notice!)


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