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Crespo Organic Summer Mango Mania Events Calendar – 2022

June 20, 2022


Are you ready for  #MuchosMangoes & #MangoJoy ?

Crespo Organic Summer Mango Mania #MuchosMangoes is here and the Crespo Organic Kitchen is going to make it extra special this summer.

What is Crespo Summer Mango Mania, you might ask? It’s the collision point between our peak production time in Nayarit & Sinaloa and the height of consumer demand, better known as; SUMMER TIME! For two months, in the heat of the summer, between June and August, while orchards are most copious, Mango Mania frenzy ensues! Crespo Organic Summer Mango Mania desires to Educate, Excite Engage and Entice mango consumers with sweet price points and juicy sales, delicious culinary and educational events and a general spreading of useful, relevant mango education.

We offer a full spectrum of creative and reliable resources and experiences, designed to stimulate, and entice purchases at the store level, as well as educate and arouse consumers digitally and in person.  It’s essentially the spreading of #MangoJoy and the building of loyal mango eaters.

  • Social Media Contests & Giveaways
  • Mango Tips & Tricks
  • Demos and Tastings
  • Culinary Education
  • #ChooseYourCut
  • Cooking Classes
  • KICK Events
  • Farmer Talks
  • Commodity Education
  • Recipes and Recipe Videos
  • Swag

All brought to you by the Crespo Organic Kitchen, which is essentially the test kitchen for all things Crespo Organic, managed by me (Nissa)  and my company Ger-Nis Culinary & Herb Center ; a small food  education,   sales & marketing  and media company;  specializing in local, organic, fairly traded,   sustainable food and agricultural. Ger-Nis  supports small global growers and organic brands around the world in with a bevy of services, skills and connections.

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Live! From the Crespo Organic Kitchen

June 15, 2022

Learn from, cook with or just watch our in house mango cracker-jack’s (Nissa) mango prowess


Event Description: Tuesdays are the perfect day to jump on Instagram and watch LIVE!! what’s happening inside the Crespo Organic Kitchen in Blue Eye, Mo. Nissa, who also directs the organic mango program for El Grupo Crespo is a noted culinary expert and founder of Ger-Nis Culinary & Herb Center. She’s been lending, expanding and sharing her culinary herbal expertise for over 25 years now and has become a leader in mango recipe development. She’s a noted cooking instructor, food writer and recipe developer. In addition  to handling all the organic sales for Crespo she (and herb Ger-Nis team) manages all of the marketing content, PR and branding for Crespo Organic and RCF. Almost off of the recipes and photography you see throughout our website, POP materials, social media and blogs is hers. She will be the first to admit she has a great culinary and marketing team- the elves that edit and tweak her creative ideas into perfection.

You will always find her traveling the globe in search of food and cultural knowledge and ideas, while working with small farmers in her produce consultancy business specializing in sustainable, organic, fair trade and local agriculture. She writes about fresh herbs on her blog and educates consumers about organic mangoes

Every Tuesday during Summer Mango Mania you will find her live on Crespo’s instagram and sometimes also on her own. She’s fun to watch and her recipes are easily recreated with success.

Date(s): Every Tuesday Between June 19th – July 31st
Time: 7:30 PM PM CST
Location: VIRTUAL! Watch on Instagram!

Details: @CrespoOrganic Instagram or @PicoyPero (Nissa’s Instagram)

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