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Winter Crop Update – Southern Mexico

November 19, 2017

Crespo organic mangoes thrive with perfectly timed, ample pre- season rains

Predictions for 2018 are popping up everywhere this time of year and we are jumping on that trend by forecasting healthy production for the southern Mexican producing regions of Chiapas and Oaxaca.

Unlike last year when drought played a big part in low volumes and small fruit for the onset of the 2017 season, we have had ample rains at the most opportune times for the 2018 southern crop. Water tables have been filled and favorable volumes and sizing, seem to be the predicted direction for the upcoming season. Orchards are looking very healthy and happy. We are still a few weeks away from precision volume predictions for the crop, but overall we feel positive about the upcoming season’s outlook.

We anticipate Organic Ataulfos to start around the 1st of February, followed by Tommy Atkins mid to late February.

Certainly a lot can happen between now and harvest, especially with so much fruit still moving through the bloom stage and into fruit set and elongation. The weather will be the most important aspect to watch between now and mid January. Heavy winds ripped through Oaxaca last year on the 11th of January and did major damage to crop volumes that were already low due to the drought.

We currently see fruit in varying stages of production; pollination, flowering, flower drop, fruit set and elongation. A lot of the fruit in the elongation phase will begin to increase its growth rate and develop much faster in the next 30 days, giving us more detailed forecasting in the next several weeks.

Take a look at our 2018 crop in Oaxaca, Mexico as of Nov 15th.

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