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The Art of the Mango Display

March 19, 2024

How to prepare for #MuchosMangoes and create optimal shopper #mangojoy

It’s difficult to envision a scenario where #MuchosMangoes are priced just right and abundantly available consistently, particularly amidst this week’s lower Ataulfo volumes. Doubt exacerbated by season-to-date difficulties from Mexico and the lingering bad taste offshore programs have left.  But #MuchosMangoes are both here and on the horizon, and it’s crucial, perhaps more than ever, that we prepare ourselves accordingly.

We should see prices begin to gently lower, closer to “normal” (what even is normal anymore) as more conventional fruit comes on the market from other regions and countries. Conventional markets have a way of pressurizing the organic side of things and this will help move us all in the direction we want and need to go- selling more mangoes – which means better price points for consumers.

On the growing side, our responsibility is to ensure that our programs operate smoothly and maintain a consistent supply of high-quality mangoes, irrespective of weather and other challenges. Meanwhile, the role of the Crespo Organic Kitchen is to ensure that marketing tools and mango education are effectively implemented, guaranteeing consistent sales and delighted mango shoppers.

I think this is a great time to think about the Art of the Mango Display and how building the perfect display, regardless of size can equal increased sales and great customer satisfaction or that hashtag I keep flashing in your eyes = #MangoJoy.

And because we are us and we think mango expertise goes beyond growing and packing we want to fill your mango program with promotional tools, tips and tricks in order to help you all market organic mangoes. We literally drip with sweet ideas and mango expertise and this week we highlight some of these ideas as they pertain to mango displays. We highlight many of our favorite customers to demonstrate what has proven to work!

It’s evident that price alone isn’t sufficient to foster a vibrant and captivating program. Numerous successful large-scale promotions have thrived at higher price points, owing their success to consumer trust in the stores, programs, and the Crespo brand, alongside captivating  brimming displays that continually attract shoppers.

Each year, the excitement surrounding mangoes grows, with retailers—both small and large—across the country, striving to create increasingly grand, innovative displays for organic mangoes (and we assist them in pricing them perfectly for consumers). Together, we work towards the shared objective of selling a substantial quantity of mangoes and spreading #MangoJoy! We provide all the necessary bells and whistles, including Crespo Organic recipe cards, posters, banners and more. Our range extends beyond the norm with super educational mango bins, ourdried mango line, specialty mangoes, packaged mangoes,and a general dedication to constant category expansion.

Our signature mango education fosters extreme consumer engagement both in-store and virtually, teaching mango lovers and newbees how to select, store, cut, and utilize mangoes effectively. Our expertise in enlightening consumers spans across multiple in-store and digital platforms, complemented by live demos, FREE online cooking classes, and even tailored content for the little Crespo niños, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy and learn from.

If you are not yet ready for #MuchosMangoes here are some of the tools to help you get ready, plus some visuals to inspire.

A good mango display is much more than just #MuchosMangoes it is a sweet spot for consumers to engage in and extract optimal #MangoJoy.

Here’s some mango display eye candy!


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