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#CelebrateMexico #CelebrateMangoes

April 1, 2024

A Cinco de Mayo promotion that celebrates Mexico with mangoes

While Cinco de Mayo may not be a major holiday in Mexico, it has become a significant event in the USA, driving sales of Mexican produce items, including mangoes. We recognize the opportunity this presents for us.

Our #CelebrateMexico #CelebrateMangoes campaign not only excites and entices consumers with all things organic mango, but also educates on the beauty and culture of Mexico. It encourages a celebration of Mexican heritage, including its rich agricultural offerings. Through bold displays of Mexican organic fruits and vegetables, we aim to showcase the value of Mexico’s agricultural richness to consumers.


We remain committed to prioritizing the educational aspect of our business, recognizing the importance of leveraging our industry position for the benefit of communities on both sides of the border. Our focus extends beyond mangoes to encompass the Mexican communities and culture intertwined with our orchards and packhouses.

With our comprehensive mango expertise, we are confident in building long-term, profitable organic mango programs for our customers. We aim to deliver fairly priced fruit while imparting valuable mango knowledge to a growing community of enthusiasts, both existing and emerging.

We start here today, on April 1st, launching the details and support mechanisms for our month-long campaign that will end with our retailers displaying big, bountiful displays of multiple varietals of Crespo Organic Mangoes, decorated with beautiful and educational signage, cross merchandised with all our beloved agricultural families who produce a significant amount of America’s food south of the border.












We encourage all of our customers, consumers as well as our industry (mango and produce) to read about the real history of Cinco de Mayo   and share as to further educate on how this sales frenzy came to be. We hope to inspire all to do more to #CelebrateMexico and all its beauty.

The below document gives the full details of the promotion and all of its supporting mechanisms. Your sales representative will send the Cinco De Mayo#CelebrateMangoes Interactive PDF– so that all supporting links can be accessed with ease., as well as our helpful Cinco De Mayo Mango Merchandising PDF

Under the Mango Tree has a great in-depth interview with Four Seasons, Senior Merchandiser & Natural Stores Coordinator, Brian Dey where he provides his take on all things Cinco De Mayo, including cross merchandising, free standing and secondary displays, Mexican product displays and of course the importance of visuals both in-store and virtual. He will also talk about his experience working with the Crespo Organic Mango brand in relation to building mango programs.




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