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The Art of the Mango Display

March 19, 2024

How to prepare for #MuchosMangoes and create optimal shopper #mangojoy

It’s difficult to envision a scenario where #MuchosMangoes are priced just right and abundantly available consistently, particularly amidst this week’s lower Ataulfo volumes. Doubt exacerbated by season-to-date difficulties from Mexico and the lingering bad taste offshore programs have left.  But #MuchosMangoes are both here and on the horizon, and it’s crucial, perhaps more than ever, that we prepare ourselves accordingly.

We should see prices begin to gently lower, closer to “normal” (what even is normal anymore) as more conventional fruit comes on the market from other regions and countries. Conventional markets have a way of pressurizing the organic side of things and this will help move us all in the direction we want and need to go- selling more mangoes – which means better price points for consumers.

On the growing side, our responsibility is to ensure that our programs operate smoothly and maintain a consistent supply of high-quality mangoes, irrespective of weather and other challenges. Meanwhile, the role of the Crespo Organic Kitchen is to ensure that marketing tools and mango education are effectively implemented, guaranteeing consistent sales and delighted mango shoppers.

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Ataulfo Marketing 101

January 24, 2024


Shortcutting the promotion of Mexico’s yellow slipper

This is an industry geared post.

Despite the challenges in the early Mexican season, Ataulfo mangoes are poised to bring us our  much-needed #MangoJoy.

As our  Crespo Organic Ataulfo mangoes are about to make their debut,  now is the opportune moment to evaluate your current organic Ataulfo program or consider implementing one. With our expertise, top-quality products, and dedicated support, the Crespo Ataulfo program stands strong even amid the chaotic Peruvian circumstances……..carpe diem.

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Cinco De Mayo Mango Merchandising

April 20, 2021

An Interview with Brian Dey
Senior Merchandiser & Natural Stores Coordinator, Four Seasons Produce, Inc.

While it’s true that Cinco De Mayo is less a real holiday in Mexico and more a symbolic celebratory event for Americans, there is a significant rich history behind the day and how it has come to honor the Mexican culture, people and food. As our Cinco de Mayo campaign #CelebrateMexico #CelebrateMangoes nears its peak celebratory days, we thought we’d ask one of our industry’s best produce merchandisers, Brian Dey, for thoughts and advice for this retail extravaganza.

Dey is the Senior Merchandiser and Natural Stores Coordinator for Four Seasons Produce in Ephrata, PA. He has been involved on the retail level of produce for over 33 years and has been with Four Seasons for over 22 years. He has logged substantial hours in almost every position in the produce department—from produce clerk to produce manager. With Four Seasons, he has worked a variety of merchandising positions including Produce Coordinator and Produce Merchandiser. Now, as Senior Merchandiser, he credits his success to an “extreme passion for produce and achieving excellence in growing relations and building sales with a subnational focus on in-store training.” His experience at the store level, in multiple and diverse venues, provides him with the insight and relationship skills needed to create in-store success for the multiple products that Four Seasons Produce provides to its customers.

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