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Organic Ataulfos {Slowly Kind Of} Start Now

January 16, 2024

Mexican mango season starts slowly amidst an empty pipeline…..

I’m back from a beach break in Puerto Rico, a much needed respite before another Mexican mango season begins. This break proved to be a wise decision, considering the anticipated complexity of the looming mango season, perhaps even more complex than usual and mostly just at the onset.

In my last crop report, “A Christmas Mango Teaser,” my message was a mix of positive news alongside Roberto’s warning about the strong winds prevailing at that time. Many expected wind damage resulting in some gaps, prompting us to wait before assessing the situation.

Unfortunately, the wind did cause damage by dislodging blooms and even some set fruit, creating numerous small gaps from orchard to orchard. This will impact volumes at the onset and during the initial weeks of the season. Essentially, supplies will be limited for most of February but are expected to increase and stabilize as we progress into March.

Magmar is set to open this week primarily for certification purposes. As a reminder, a packhouse must undergo inspection for USDA Organic Certification and Primus Food Safety Certification before commencing fruit shipments. They are expected to have some sporadic Ataulfos right from the start, with more to come in the following weeks as the volume gradually builds. They will likely shut down for a week after certification to wait for more volumes.

Bola de Oro is set to open next week, contributing Ataulfos consistently to the system right from the start. The volume will increase steadily with each passing week. Round fruit will be available in early February, and like Ataulfos, it will be sporadic in volume, gradually building in the following weeks.

In terms of size, we anticipate normal sizing, starting on the smaller side and growing as usual. Expect Ataulfos in the 16-18-20cnt range and round fruit in the 8-9-10cnt range. Precise sizing predictions will be made once we commence harvesting and packing.

All of this against the backdrop of an abismal offshore deal. There is currently minuscule amounts of organic Ecuadorian fruit around, most of which is described as extremely rough, Peruvian organic hasn’t even hit US soil yet and is also expected to arrive in grim amounts when it does, around the end of January. Rains in Peru will be important to watch.

The Mexican season, despite it’s little gaps and finite beginning supplies will be a warm welcome. Expect  market prices on the very very high side. Stay tuned for weekly crop updates as we navigate through all the complexities!

Welcome to the season! May it be fruitful for all of us!

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