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March 16, 2022

Crespo Organic 2022 Season Promotional Calendar is Out!

Bits and pieces or the whole package… we have what you need, and it’s not just #MuchosMangoes sales! We can help you build and shape durable mango programs that educate, engage and entice your shoppers all season long and keep them coming back for more. Season after season you’ll be met with a reputable, reliable brand—a Direct-Trade program, no less—from orchard to table. It’s the real thing!

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Since the Crespo Organic brand’s inception we have worked really hard to bring to market not just numerous cases of organic mangoes but our mango expertise. This expertise starts in the orchards and ends on the consumer’s table. Having complete ownership and taking responsibility for our full orchard to table supply chain is a serious job and one that keeps us advancing as the world and consumers require. We have experts in every sector, including the culinary and usage side, and we know how to deliver the information in fun, easy-to-digest ways that consumers love.

Utilize us fully to build, expand and sustain your organic mango programs.

As part of our mission, we aim to increase the allure and consumption of organic Mexican mangoes. The diligence that we invest in the growing and packing side of the business—utilizing advanced technology systems and the highest food safety (and still COVID) standards—produces consistent quality organic mangoes.

We offer premium quality mangoes in a consistent array of sizes and sweet (and custom!) price points, including seasonal pricing along with extra juicy ad pricing as needed for our retailers, wholesalers, processors and home delivery folks.

This is only one dimension of our mango expertise. Another is in providing commodity education and useful, tasty mango culinary expertise to mango consumers. This is incorporated into our bevy of robust promotional tools for marketing mangoes at the consumer level: smart and relevant mango-centric education.

The Crespo Organic Kitchen is the commodity and culinary sector of the business and aims to give our customers (and consumers) all the information and tools to make mango usage safe, fun and productive.

Throughout our mango season, we offer a medley of varietal and mango-centric educational promotions as well as two major promotions: one for Cinco De Mayo #CelebrateMangoes #CelebrateMexico, and the other Crespo Organic Summer Mango Mania #MuchosMangoes, which coincides with the largest Mexican season peak in June & July.

All of our promotions offer a little something for everyone with both in-store and virtual support.

Our virtual toolset is incredibly robust, not just with the normal token commodity and educational photos, but our archives are overflowing with how-to videos, including recipes, cutting techniques, culinary ideas, online cooking classes and more. All of our marketing materials are DOWNLOADABLE and our graphic designers are happy to do custom work.

Indulge in our bevy of digital commodity education and culinary materials. With these, you can educate, excite, engage and entice your mango shoppers before they even enter the store!

Once your mango shoppers enter the store, we don’t stop educating, enticing, exciting and engaging. Our in-store marketing and education approach is equally powerful. It starts with the very attractive Crespo Organic Mango box (BIG & SMALL) that also serves as its own functional, free-standing display that you can build to be large or small anywhere in the store.  Informational commodity posters adorn the big and small displays. We offer lots of Sale Signage and Shelf Talkers, too. Small take-home recipe cards, cutting education and even gigantic banners brighten the produce department mood.

We have plenty to keep your produce teams motivated, excited and pushing mangoes, too! Ask us about our Mango Higher Ed or just get some Crespo Tees, Mango Tree Hats or Retail Flare Buttons for the staff during your promotions.

We can offer support and expertise in setting up optimal Mango Displays as well as Mango Tastings & Demos Kits.

Like I said, there is literally something for everyone!

Download the 2022 Promo_Calendar2022

E-Mail us (Info@CrespoOrganic.com)  to join the 2022 Crespo Organic Marketing Webinar happening on April 20th or Download our Webinar-InteractivePDF.

 Set up your promotions today with our marketing team Info@CrespoOrganic.com





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