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Hands on Higher (Mango) Ed

April 9, 2017

Bring creative mango centric fun into your produce circle.

As a by-product of the partnership between Crespo Organic Mangoes, the Crespo Organic Kitchen and Ger-Nis Culinary & Herb Center (a sustainable, organic and fair-trade food education and marketing company), a Crespo Organic Mango Seminar was born. The seminar experience was designed to educate and inspire mango industry professionals and consumers alike. Starting in the mango orchard, and ending in a fully immersive, hands-on mango eating adventure, we aim to highlight Crespo Organic Mango’s Mexican roots as an essential component of the personality and flavor of the mango.

As a 20-year veteran cooking instructor of all ages, I have seen firsthand the positive results of hands-on cooking and food education. This customizable seminar is formatted to connect the food we eat back to land it came from, underscored by an understanding that it all ends up in the kitchen and into the mouths of our loved ones. By making these connections, we breathe a little more life back into eating. Through this show-and-tell style approach, we intend to foster curiosity, cultivate appreciation and encourage cultural awareness. We demonstrate the mango’s sweet versatility through tips, tricks and recipe ideas, inspiring future and existing cooks.

This completely participatory seminar can be customized to suit the intended audience. The industry version invites buyers, store managers, produce managers and beyond, to engage creatively and drive sales with enriching and useful information about mangoes. It is an exceptional team-building experience in the heart of Mexican mango season. Plus, it creates a rare, much welcome connection to farmers and a food’s origin in what is so often a commodity-based numbers game. This connection produces more individual satisfaction in the workplace, inserting meaning and impact into the everyone’s roles along the food supply chain . These two factors make room for increased and sustainable sales long-term.

The consumer version of the seminar allows retailers to promote mangoes creatively in-store, by offering shoppers a rare opportunity to learn about mangoes from experts, during peak promotion times throughout the summer. Consumers will not only leave having had a great time bonding with members of their community, but they leave empowered with mangoes and mango knowledge, driving them to become repeat mango purchasers. (Fact: Industry research shows that mango shoppers spend over twice as much storewide than non-mango shoppers.) Consumer research demonstrates a strong consumer desire for more enriching experiences while shopping. The retailer will be remembered for offering creative educational opportunities, making the shopping experience more enjoyable. As retailers continue to explore new ways to attract today’s shopper, a Crespo Organic Mango Seminar can make a sweet differentiator!

The Industry Seminar runs 2 hours. The Consumer Seminar is customizable and can last between 30 minutes to 2 hours, highlighting the most valuable mango information. No matter the audience, all of our sessions are interactive and hands-on, with all parties leaving with educational information, recipes, Crespo Organic swag and brimming with ideas! We also have a seminar for kids, designed to foster healthy eating and living habits, called Kids in the Crespo Kitchen (KICK).

Seminar Format: Our mango seminars include a combination of the following, based on the customer’s needs.


  • Crespo Organic Mangoes
  • Our Story – History of the Brand and the Family Behind It.
  • Mexican Organic Mango Overview – A short discussion on organics in Mexico.
  • Mexican Food Safety – A brief overview of the food safety sector in Mexican mangoes.
  • The Mango Orchard – The highlights of a mango tree and a mango orchard.
  • Mango Nutritional Overview
  • Mango Selection and Storage
  • Mango Ripening and the Various Stages of Ripeness – Hands-on
  • Mango Varietals from Mexico – Tasting
  • Cutting Mangoes – Hands-on
  • Kitchen Ideas, Tips and Tricks – Hands-on
  • Recipes
    • Mango Puree & Sparking Mango Limeade
    • Mango Habanero Sauce (Crespo Sinaloa Sauce)
    • Mango Pico De Gallo with Chips
    • Cold Mango Noodle Salad (Seasonal)
    • Mango Galette
  • The Mango Display
  • Mango Mania/Consumer Contests
  • Feedback

If you would like more information on hosting a Crespo Organic Mango Seminar for your produce teams or shoppers, please contact info@ger-nis.com or info@crespoorganic.com



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