Summer Mango Mania Twitter Parties

June 14, 2017

Crespo Organic Summer Mango Mania #MuchosMangoes
Twitter Parties

 We have plenty to digitally enhance your mango experience.

Twitter heats up in this Summer’s Mango Mania extravaganza!   Get to know us, and engage with us, our brand is a part of our family! Open communication is one of the cornerstones of sustainable success in a family business. Your Feedback, opinions and needs are important. We want you to share them with us!

We have a few fun Q & A sessions planned for twitter this summer, log on and tweet us!

Here is our Crespo Organic Mango Mania Twitter Party Schedule

Friday July 21st – #AskChefSvea #CrespoKICK Use these two #hashtags to ask questions to our KICK (Kids in the Kitchen) Chef Svea and our Crespo Kitchen Staff about cooking for kids and getting kids in the kitchen, using their favorite fruit, mangoes! 2pm – 3pm Pacific time

 August 5th – #UsethePit #UglyMangoes – Use these two hash tags to engage with us in exciting discussions on whole fruit cookery and how to #UsethePit. We exchange recipes and ideas as well as talk in depth about #UglyMangoes and the importance of whats on the inside!

Come with Questions, Leave with Mango Expertise!

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