Summer Mango Mania Facebook Live Events

June 14, 2017

Crespo Organic Summer Mango Mania #MuchosMangoes
Facebook Live Events

We have plenty to digitally enhance your Mango Mania experience.

Tune into Crespo Organic Facebook Live and get a sweet does of everything Crespo; including Live Streaming from the Crespo Organic Orchards, Empaque Don Jorge, our proprietary mango pack house, and we will even hear from the Crespo Family and hear the Crespo Story first hand, with ample opportunity for Q & A.

The Crespo Organic Kitchen will live stream during one of it’s recipe testing sessions, offering mango kitchen tips and tricks and simultaneously answering any questions from our digital supporters on everything from mango selection, to storage, to gauging ripeness by the gentle squeeze test- to #ChooseYourCut info. Chef Svea makes an appearance in the test kitchen to answer all the KICK questions!

Here is our Crespo Organic Mango Mania Facebook Live Schedule

Saturday June 17th – Live from The Mango Orchards – 2 PM Mountain Time

 Sunday June 17th – Live From Empaque Don Jorge – 2 PM Mountain Time

 Tuesday July 11th – Live from The Crespo Organic Kitchen – 2 PM Pacific Time

 Thursday July 20th – Live with Chef Svea – 2pm Pacific Time

Thursday August 3rd – Live with Earl’s Organic Outbound Crew #ChooseYourCut – 3pm Pacific Time

Come with Questions, Leave with Mango Expertise!


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