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El Grupo Crespo Proceeds…. with Caution

March 17, 2020

Uncertain Times in the Mexican Mango Supply Chain

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Crespo Organic Mangoes continues to harvest, pack, and ship organic mangoes from Mexico’s southern regions, Oaxaca and Chiapas, applying the precautionary principles and according to current increased market demands.

As the global COVID-9 pandemic unfolds, we are taking prudent safety measures, monitoring our portion of the supply chain, and staying vigilant to new alerts on a day-to-day, hour- to hour basis. Our goal is to ensure that we can continue without comprising the health and safety of our communities, border/ logistical and distributor points and of course consumers.

We will keep prices as flat as possible and support our customers who ensure fruit remains reasonably priced for consumers. Mexican mango season is approaching peak production in the southern regions, so fruit availability is voluminous. As we reported in our last crop update, the fruit is quite large. We have factored this into pricing, to help keep prices as low as possible in this time of much uncertainty.

Food safety protocols have long been a strong feature of the organic produce and the Mexican product supply chain. Further, good agricultural practices and innumerable certifications and audits remain in place, and these contribute to reducing risk of contamination by human pathogens. While evidence suggests COVID-19 can be transmitted through surfaces, we have detailed, certified, and audited procedures in place to guarantee optimal cleanliness and food safty.

Though more information about the COVID-19 virus is revealed every day, at this point COVID-19 shouldn’t stop anyone from purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables. Adhering to everyday food safety recommendations remains a sufficient means of reducing contamination. Everyday measures such as handwashing and washing fruit prior to eating it reduces risk of pathogen contamination.

It should not be overlooked that consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables contributes to overall health and a well-functioning immune system. Maintaining healthy habits increases the body’s ability to fight disease and infection. By strictly adhering to the everyday handwashing and fruit-washing regimen, consumers may continue to reap the health benefits of fresh produce without increasing risk of acquiring COVID-19.

Our teams inside Mexico and at the border will continue to follow the guidance provided by governments and human health and foo safty experts in the respective regions through this difficult time. For now, decisions be made on a daily/hourly basis according to recent updates.

Currently, we have several trucks en route to the USA for  end of week loading, and we are currently packing more fruit which will ship out over the next few days for next week’s supplies. We will continue to keep buyers up to speed and do our best to fill all of the orders we can. We are working diligently, quickly, and carefully as we respond to overwhelming demand on both the organic and conventional fronts.

Our social media will remain fun, educational, and inspirational – reminding mango eaters that mangoes are a SUPERFOOD filled with immune-boosting antioxidants, minerals, and phytonutrients. Mangoes spell joy for a lot of eaters, and joy is needed right now, so we feel this to be an important element of the current crisis- providing a little joy- if and where we can. The Crespo Organic Kitchen will keep churning out recipes to help keep things fresh and interesting for those stuck home in need of something good.

This is a difficult time for everyone worldwide. Please be safe, smart, and compassionate toward one another.

El Grupo Crespo!

* Crespo Organic Mangoes is an organic brand from RCF Distributors and El Grupo Crespo, Sinaloa Mexico.

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