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How to Display #MuchosMangoes

June 30, 2021

Advice and visuals from our favorite Summer Mango Mania partners

As we head deeper into summertime and peak Mexican mango season, the nation is ample with #MuchosMangoes.   We’ve made certain that in all our key cities and regions throughout the nation (& Canada)  fruit is arriving with exceptional color, taste and quality and consumer price points are exceptionally low.

We have also affirmed that most displays are brimming with Crespo Organic recipe cards, posters and banners. Each year the growing excitement over mangoes continues and retailers, small and large, all over the country, continue to build bigger, bolder organic mango displays priced perfectly for consumers. All of us working together for the common goal of selling a lot of mangoes…… spreading #MangoJoy!

Consumer engagement in learning to choose, store, cut and use mangoes has been at an all-time high and we take the job of equipping consumers with useful mango education seriously.  Our prowess to enlighten consumers with multiple in-store and digital platforms, as well as through live demos, FREE- Online cooking classes and even classes for the little Crespo niños offers something for everyone. (See the full calendar here.)

With our Summer Mango Mania campaign,  in addition to selling the wall of mangoes coming at us from our orchards this time of year, we hope to inspire consumers also get to know their food chain better, while they soak up our mango-ed. We offer them a transparent and direct trade route with all the bells and whistles to make the process fun and educational, from the orchards to the table……  

None of this is possible without strong partnerships. Direct Trade doesn’t mean you do everything yourself, it means – fewer more thoughtful hands and transparency. And probably most importantly it means working together for common success; farmers, sellers and consumers alike.

Each year all of our partners go all out and drench themselves in Summer Mango Mania, but we want to highlight two, that since day one has supported us on this difficult (but fun) summer time endeavor of selling mangoes.  Along with some of the biggest mango displays, they also demonstrate some of our best advice for successful mango displays and mango selling at retailer level.

This year we highlight two favorites, one from each coast, both original supporters who  reaped the juicy benefits of mango mania early on, gaining loyal consumers to our brand and our cause, by going all in with us!

Earls Organic Produce & Four Seasons Produce

One of the ways to ensure the selling of a lot of mangoes is to build larger, more enticing and even multiple displays of mangoes, of several different varietals.  We work really hard to get displays bigger pre-peak season so we can keep filling them, all summer. That  means we must get prices at the register down too and with good partners this is possible and this season, like the rest- proves that. Expect pricing all over the country for at least a few weeks between now and July 31st to be at or below our goal of $0.99 per mango- regardless of size or varietal.

Both of these companies help us ensure the juicy price points so we can sell more mangoes during a time when consumers want to eat more. They do this partly by holding annual Crespo Organic Mango Mania #MuchosMangoes display contests. We cooperate and pony up tons of our Crespo Organic SWAG ( this stuff is eco-fabulous according to past winners!) along with Earls and Four Seasons who add more prizes for all the floor staff into the mix.

Four Seasons has what we call the Brian Dey secret weapon who literally roams around building displays alongside retailers. (Dey is the Senior Merchandiser and Natural Stores Coordinator for Four Seasons Produce and we find him extraordinary.)  We provide our retailers and distributors with all the point of sale materials needed per regional demographic likes and dislikes and store needs and size. (The Crespo Organic Sinaloa Sauce recipe cards along with the Summer Mango Mania sale signs are most popular. They build the displays and together we grow and maintain the buzz of excitement and the spreading of #MangoJoy- both in-store and virtually.

This year I’d say the displays so far are looking bigger and more dynamic. Many, like Four Seasons/Dey are utilizing the new Crespo BIG BOX in order to build bigger more dynamic displays. While Earls, is opting for varietal as an excitement creator- highlighting Tommy, Kent, Ataulfo, Thai and our new Malika varietal which is a silky, sweet fibreless Indian varietal we are growing in our Mexican orchards.

Here is some great advice from Brian on Mango Merchandising.

Gerard Krug of Earls Organic Produce starts by generating buzz on the phone weeks before their mania dates start. The campaign and the annual contest he says, “are well known to their customers now, so starting the conversation of who wants to participate is easy. Floor Space”, he furthers,” is already allocated for this campaign in advance, our customers plan and get excited for this and every year we see new creative expansion, which inevitably leads to more sales dollars and happy customers.”

The Bay Area has been a great place for cross merchandising and specifically for getting other departments involved in the mango. Gerry notes the importance of making sure the produce remains the prominent figure in the complementary sale items and to keep it summertime.

Not only can you buzz up the mango mania more by promoting other mango items like juice, mango beers, dried mangoes and more. But Gerry notes that they have great success in promoting mangoes with secondary displays in other departments- think mangoes and margarita recipe cards in the booze section next to the tequila or mangoes and BBQ sauce recipes cards on the meat counter.

Gerry also recommends in seasons like the one we are in now with excess small fruit- lower priced CASE SALES can be an excellent way to get incremental sales.

Both Gerry and Brian can’t talk enough about clear and attractive signage and both give us kudos for our signature Summer Mango Mania Sale sign!

Download our Display Advice & check out some of the past and present Summer Mango Mania displays.

Keep an eye on our Instagram for more displays being finalized in the next days/week!

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