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A Celebration of Mexico & Mangoes

June 14, 2019

 Bolinas Summer Mango Mania celebrates authentic Mexico cuisine and  local organic farmers with Ger-Nis Supper Club, join in……..

During the weekend celebration that is Bolinas Summer Mango Mania ( July 4th – July 7th) we are offering up a special treat as the Crespo Organic Kitchen and Ger-Nis Culinary partner up to host their second annual, A Celebration of Mexico feast. The Ger-Nis’ Sunday Supper club, held seasonally and typically on a Sunday- moves to Saturday and  not only features a totally mango-centric menu but a PURO-MEXICO experience utilizing the hyper-local and organic produce around from a remote little beach village in northern California, called Bolinas. . The supper club is a unique eating and educational experience that showcases the goods of local, organic, sustainable and fairly traded farm products and aims to better educate consumers about farming and farm culture through unique food experiences.. This summer we celebrate the Crespo family by offering up  the seafood rich cuisine of the coastal Sinaloa region where the Crespo family calls home- El Rosario.  Educational will seep in through your taste buds.

The decadent menu  will highlight r everybody’s favorite Mexican mango- The sweet and Ataulfo (#DontCallMeHoney), as well as the succulent, deep orange hued  juicy-Kents and firm flesh Tommy Atkins which we need for our famous Pico de Mango. A bevy of  Crespo’s velvety sweet and spicy sauces is an obvious menu addition, including crowd favorites Crespo Sinaloa Sauce & Mango Turmeric Tabasco Sauce. A fresh organic fruit Margarita and Agua Fresca Bar  will highlight all of summers best local organic fruit flavors–  sweetened by the Crespo Kitchen’s genius recipe – Mango Pit Margarita Mixer, which not only gives the answer for what to do with the fleshy pits, but gives a perfectly perfumed and slightly tropical alternative to the common “coolaide” type sweetener or mixer.

The event will give consumers, local farmers and produce industry folks the possibility of mingling together in Mexican food bliss, experiencing the final end of the food chain together. I Wholeheartedly believe in the power of these events, which is why I started them almost 11 years ago. They are more than just a good time with good food- everyone learns more about the direct line between the farmer and the eater……

Guests will take home all the recipes as well as case of fresh mangoes and maybe a few other party favors depending on how much energy I have. A lucky raffle winner will depart with a hand forged bronze mango fork ( made by Bolinas artist- Kurtis Major The Locust House) valued in over $85. There will be a few impromptu giveaways of mango tree hats and mango tree t-shirts, because we are fun like that!

The Crespo Organic Kitchen’s mission is to educate, engage, excite and entice consumers on all things mango, through a bevy of useful and relevant how to information, recipes, as well as unique mango experiences, aiming to incorporate more of these unique food events into future seasons in conjunction with regional retailers and distributors nationwide. Not only do these experiences educate consumers and excite buyers, but they truly help encourage authentic consumption of mangoes, with a unique view into and connection with the farm and farmers who grow them. Consumers and buyers experiencing a – truly- farm to table experience side by side.

Join us… For more detailed information and menu or to  purchase tickets CLICK HERE.  To inquire about discounted industry or farmer tickets contact info@CrespoOrganic.com



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