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Bolinas Summer Mango Mania

June 16, 2019

#MuchosMangoes are coming to Bolinas….RIDE THE WAVE…..

The Crespo Organic Kitchen, the culinary education arm of Crespo Organic Mangoes and part of my produce, marketing and education company- Ger-Nis Culinary  & Herb Center  is located in the beautiful northern, surf and art village of  Bolinas, California. This summer we are celebrating mangoes BIG TIME in our own backyard. Giving back to the many lovers we have discovered here and even some we may have had part of building. The town of Bolinas throws a gigantic weeklong party to celebrate the 4th of July and we thought there was no better time to provide them with and celebrate Crespo Organic Summer Mango Mania! Between July 3rd and July 7th Bolinas will be dripping in sweet organic mangoes…. we encourage you all to come, join in and ride the wave.

I and my company have called this remote unincorporated township home for over 4 years now and the company and in that time I have built up quite a reputation for organic mangoes. Despite the Mexican mango season only happening for a portion of the year, the Crespo Organic Kitchen works year round conducting mango R & D as well as developing recipes, videos and promotional materials of the Crespo Organic brand.   We are constantly talking mangoes and sharing recipes and inviting our neighbors to our mango-centric events. We serve mangoes with everything we do and the local folks have come to appreciate the bizarre connection Bolinas now has with mangoes.   I feature mangoes constantly in my after school kids programs here and typically if I have mangoes, I give them away. (Did you know giving mangoes is one of the oldest symbols of kindness in ancient India?)  A few local townspeople for a while even thought I was growing them here.  As time progressed and as stories and gossip spread, as is customary in small town, most folks came to know the Crespo Organic story, the direct trade route  and its organic philosophy and enveloped the same passionate affection for the brand that most people do, when they learn more about the origin of their food.  I thought the 4th of July was a great opportunity to give back to our town, with organic mangoes.

The local, organic food-coop The Bolinas’s People’s  Store has been stocking and selling the Crespo Organic brand since we started (thanks to Earls Organic Produce for making the curvy long trek this far) and its been the amazing flavor and  consistency quality that continues to be delivered that keeps our locals flicking back time and time again to by more.  Nancy Todd, the produce manager for the Peoples Store,  raves about how sales have increased over the years and likes to keep them priced for movement which makes me and the entire town happy.

I, as many know,  have spent my life actively trying to prove my belief that  direct connections between farmers and consumers makes for a healthier and more sustainable and regenerative food supply chain. I also deeply believe it brings more tolerance and understanding to what is one of the hardest global jobs around- farming.  Wholeheartedly,  I also know that we all derive more joy from the entire experience from growing to eating if it’s a shared one.  I walk around Bolinas sometimes and am often referred to as the mango lady- that feels good to me- I know there is an appreciation growing and a more connect line from the Crespo Organic mango orchards in Mexico to the mouths of Bolinas residents.

As I have aged I  have learned I control not much of anything, Bolinas has taught me to relax a bit and accept that fact. It’s also showed me more clearly than ever that to be even a small part of  what brings farmers and consumers together in a gigantic flawed food system- is enough for me. That is something I never learned in my energetic days in Brooklyn.


Here’s is everywhere you will find Crespo Organic Mangoes during the Bolinas Summer Mango Mania weekend!

Ride the Wave……….



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