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Ataulfo Mango Time

April 13, 2023

Shortcutting the promotion of Mexico’s yellow slipper

This is an industry geared post.

Instead of focusing on the lack of the round fruit the orchards are currently yielding into an empty pipeline, a problem that will take a little more time to fix and stabilize; focus on the mango abundance that the orchards are currently giving ~ Ataulfo mangoes!  It’s a great time to either examine and improve your existing organic Ataulfo program or think about implementing one. We have time, quality product and the support you need.

The Crespo Ataulfo program is robust; carpe diem.

The buttery smooth Ataulfo flesh  makes them extremely versatile for cooking  and eating and they are easy to please consumers price wise with  sizing at 12/14/16/18. Not only do we take sizing and quality seriously but we have invested in the consistency of volume necessary to build sales and ongoing national programs. The Crespo Organic seasons starts in late January and moves through the middle to end of August, so its also long one- worthy of some attention, especially as Ataulfos take off as the fastest growing organic varietal among consumers. And especially now as the Tommy’s are scarce and California’s stone fruit late do to the crazy rains. Retailers looking for something promote worthy need to look no further than the Crespo Organic Ataulfo mango!

We have everything that you need for success including price. They go on sale starting next week through Cinco De Mayo 
Download our Interactive Cinco De Mayo #CelebrateMexico #Celebrate Mangoes guide.

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