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NEW! Shelf-Ready Dried Mango – Tear Away Display Case

December 18, 2023

Our tropical, chewy, portable mango snacks get wrapped up as perpetual gifts

Picture this: a hassle-free opening experience that mirrors the excitement of unwrapping a gift, revealing not just Mexico’s sweetest and most prized portable natural indulgence – Crespo Organic Dried Mangoes but the delightful revelation that the shipping box transforms into a perpetual gift as it doubles as a captivating Crespo Organic branded display box. This picture is real, and it’s our new Shelf-Ready Tear-Away display Case!

This year-round gift tears away the barriers to snack time satisfaction and exposes 20 individual – Crespo Organic 4oz – Hook Top/Stand Up Resealable Dried Mango PouchesAtaulfo or Regular. Retailers, small and large can dive into a world where convenience meets consumer #MangoJoy—because shipping, displaying and enjoying the finest organic dried mango line just got a whole lot easier with this innovative new display box.

As mangoes and dried fruits surge in popularity, the Crespo Organic mango brand remains dedicated to expanding and elevating our offerings, aligning with trends and practical logistical considerations on both sides of the border. This new box is all of that.

Our new Shelf-Ready Dried Mango Packaging – Tear Away Case prioritizes wholesaler and retailer efficiency. The smaller box delivers the perfect amount while the tear-away feature simplifies unpacking for retailers, enabling swift setup of displays in various and multiple store sections.

Here are the highlights of the new box.

Shipping/Transporting & Storage Ease:
The compact size of the new box reduces storage requirements for retailers, prompting more frequent replenishment of supplies. The smaller box holds fewer packages, eliminating the need for wholesalers to repack for smaller footprint retailers.

Convenience for Retailers:
The tear-away feature streamlines the unpacking process, making it quick and easy for retailers to set up a display anywhere in the store. Minimal handling and assembly time mean more efficiency for store staff, allowing them to focus on other essential tasks and achieving greater sales.

Enhanced Shelf Visibility:
The packaging is designed to maximize the visibility of the product on the shelf, attracting customer attention and curiosity with the usual and potent Crespo Organic branding, adding to increased sales. Clear, attractive graphics on the display case as well as the visible packaging will further enhance the appeal and draw in customers.


Reduced Waste:
Shelf-ready packaging minimizes excess packaging material, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly retail environment.

Improved Product Protection:
The packaging provides robust protection for dried mangoes during transportation and on the shelf, reducing the risk of damage or spoilage. The tear-away case ensures that the product remains intact and fresh until it reaches the consumer.

Efficient Restocking:
When it’s time to restock the shelves, the tear-away feature simplifies the process for store employees, making it faster and more efficient. Quick restocking helps maintain product availability and ensures a visually appealing display at all times.

Brand Recognition:
Customizable packaging allows for effective branding, helping to establish and reinforce the identity of Crespo’s dried mangoes. Consistent branding across tear-away cases  and fresh mangoes increases brand awareness and when dried mangoes are placed near fresh, sales increase.

Our Crespo Organic Shelf-Ready Dried Mango Packaging – Tear Away Case is a strategic choice for retailers, offering efficiency, sustainability, and enhanced product visibility that can positively impact both the shopping experience and sales outcomes.

And about what’s inside this new “gift” box?  Same as usual, our beautiful, ripe organic Ataulfo, Kent and Keitt mangoes grown in our Mexican mango orchards. The self assertive transparent mango leaf window on the retail bag’s front cover unveils our silky-smooth textured mangoes, transformed into succulent, juicy and chewy dried mango snacks packed into resealable bags for optimal freshness.

Both the display box and the retail bags proudly showcase the distinctive Crespo Organic signature educational branding that in this case highlights the nutritional benefits and versatile nature of these single-ingredient snacks. No added sugar—puro mango is boldly proclaimed, popping into the gaze of consumers from the display box and the bags.

What remains concealed until savored ( try sampling these at retail level) is the sweet-rich, vibrant tropical taste with subtle floral and spice notes that linger long after the first bite!

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