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The BIG Transition North

May 3, 2023

Will Oaxaca, Chiapas, and Nayarit line up for a smooth transition?

The nature of transition is tricky. Shifting mango production from the southern Mexican regions to the northern ones is often unpredictable and complex. This year we move into with a great deal of positivity and yet a tinge of trepidation. I think the trepidation is more implanted into all of us because of the last several months or utter unpredictability that resulted in many challenges for the industry.

Transitioning mango production from southern to northern regions in Mexico is often a tricky and complex process. As we embark on this year’s transition, we are filled with positivity, yet there is also a sense of trepidation. The challenges of the past few months have left their mark on the industry, and we all carry a certain level of uncertainty with us.

Last year the transition was brutal, as I reported here- Under The Mango Tree.  We managed but it wasn’t easy or pretty. This year we get a break.

While most are cautious not to speak too loudly with a positive tone, this is indeed what I (we all) am hearing from all the mango voices on the ground in both the southern and northern Mexican mango regions.

The upcoming BIG transition (which sounds so serious like menopause or something ha ha ) is expected to result in a consistent flow of fruit supply. The Crespo Organic mango program is well-positioned to shift focus form the southern fruit to the northern regions of Nayarit and Sinaloa, Mexico’s volume-super-producers. We anticipate a smooth transition and one that allows for an immediate increase in sales volumes for us all.


Today’s opening of Empaque Don Jorge (El Original) will facilitate this immediate increase and aid in the transitions smooth success.

Nayarit and Sinaloa have a greater production, with more advanced farming operations and generally higher yields with more varietals. Their costs/selling prices tend to be lower and, thus, much lower, more incredible consumer price points are doable. Our southern region will continue to sustain the transition so we expect fill rates to stay intact and shift focus, finally,  to upping demand, while supply builds.

All of this is perfectly timed as we move into warmer days and nights here in the USA/Canada. Nayarit and Sinaloa peak production from June to August happens to coincide with the American summer – long, hot days that make mango-eating almost mandatory for consumers, especially as more experience what we call #MANGOJOY.

Mango consumption is on the rise, we have seen that more than any other season so far and the northern regions bustling volumes deliver for this appetite. This two-to-three-month window of opportunity is fairly predictable, with the little details making for minor adjustments.

This season, like the last few, Crespo Organic has more overall volume. Over the last several years, we have been expanding our orchard volumes in each growing region to keep up with our own increased demand, gaining market share on both the CV (RCF brand) and the OG side. And we have serval new varietals and a specialty line (fingers crossed the packaging happens in time) coming out thanks to our secret weapon and his secret varietals- Jorge The Crespo Mango Man.

Ataulfo’s of all sizes are coming back and again ample, immediately as EDJI begins packing this week. Tommy Atkins sizing is expected to continue with this weeks ALL SIZING news. And in about 15-20 days we will see some Crespo Organic Kent Mangoes, which we know excited us all.

While we know things have a way this season of turning upside down, we are confident in program fulfillment through this transition and beyond!

I will have a more in depth CROP REPORT once the transition is passed on expectations of pricing, quality, sizing and opportunity; including new on this years Crespo Organic Summer Mango Mania #MuchosMangoes – oh and yeah our new #MANGObins that will rock your (consumers) worlds!

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