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Mallika Mangoes

July 11, 2022

An Indian Varietal Grown In Mexico

Thanks to Jorge Crespo and his passion for all things new,  including the new growing challenges, as well as his  desire to  expand the family’s expertise  always being forward thinking (Jorge is much like his father Roberto Crespo Fitch), we have several new varietals that are being introduced n the next several seasons

Jorge’s mission aligns with the original mission laid down by his father Roberto, which is not only to simply increase production and consumption of organic Mexican mangoes, but to do so in a manner that creates long term viable, profitable and sustainable agricultural models for the growing communities in Mexico. Roberto, like his children, understood that means advancing, in systems as well as offerings. No one knows just how much things change more than farmers. And the family is always thinking of how to improve and grow as consumers needs and the market and world changes.

For El Grupo Crespo, the mango experts, there is no choice but to always be evolving and growing. New varietals are a part of that evolvement.

Our organic Mallika mangoes is one of the most exciting mangoes to be introduced on the market and its now back for the month of July!



The  Mallika mango.

Available now, but for just a few weeks at harvest level. These are small, newly producing orchards, volumes are small and the season is short with most orchards in one area. Jorge plans expanded production as we on the sales side, build sales volumes.

This is a very special mango. Indian varietals are impossible to get organically as all mangoes imported from India are irradiated, per USDA APHIS as the Phytosanitary treatment mandated.

They are fiberless and creamy and exceptionally sweet.

They are available by pre-order, loading a few times a week in both our Nogales and McAllen warehouses. Don’t forget about our Thai Sweet Green Mangoes either, those too are available now and for only a few more weeks!

Mallika Mangoes

History: Indian varietal that hails from the hybridization of Indian mango varietals Neelum and Dasheri

Shape: A flat oblong shape

 Color & Hues:  Skin starts green and turns bright yellow with light pink undertones and some green blush tones when ripe. The flesh is a vibrant deep burnt orange color.

 Texture: Silky and creamy, totally fiberless. Very juicy.

 Flavor and Aroma: Super aromatic and incredibly sweet. Intense melon, floral and citrus aromas. Sweet honey and citrus flavors, perfumy.

 Ideal Ripeness/Ripening Cues: They can be eaten at various stages of the ripening process, they are sour when very green and sweet when yellow. They tend to be heavier on the citrus notes and flavors during green and firm stages and have more melon notes and flavors during the  semi ripe and ripe stages.

 Size: They tend to be very large, but have a wide range 6-14cnt

*We are getting this in the  Crespo Organic Kitchen this week and we will begin experimenting with this new mango varietal and soon be able to provide more education on choosing, storing and using!  This is very exciting stuff! 






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