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New SKU’s for a New Year

January 5, 2021

b’Ringing in the New Year with an abundance of organic mango options

I last reported, back in December that the upcoming season would be commencing early. This still true and our dates are still on target, due to cooperating, albeit a little colder weather. The Oaxacan packinghouse January 20th opening continues to be our season start date; which means everybody’s sweet and favorite Mexican Ataulfo mango, which begins first in every region, will be arriving to the US border around the last days of January.

Our Chiapas packhouse is still projected to open around the second week of February, which puts us more than a month earlier in comparison to last year. Round mangoes commencement projections, the first week of February, maintain their target date.

Volumes always begin slowly in each region. Our production teams forecast greater quantities building nicely throughout the month of February, anticipating starting March off in really good number shape on both Ataulfos and Tommy Atkins varietals. Quality confidence is high and sizing details are currently being assessed with more precision as we speak.

But we have even better news than just the season starting early with good quality and volumes! We have new product offerings and expanded packaging programs lined up for the 2021 season. The prior season in particular demonstrated the need to diversify offerings, answering the needs of the vast market  in which we operate inside of throughout North America. Since we taught ourselves as the mango experts, we thought it best we deliver on that description, listening and delivering to the assorted needs of our customers and mango eaters.

This season we really do have something for everyone. Take a look at the 2021 Crespo Organic Mango program product line up.

9lb/4KG Box- Refreshed Look

After we launched the Crespo BIG box last season (see below) we thought it time to take our beautiful Crespo Organic standard box  (4KG/9LB) and sharpen, refresh and improve its look. Our signature branded box is easy to spot; on docks, at the border and on the floor in stores or on displays. It’s beautiful and clean and represents us completely as Mexican, organic, mango experts. The new refresh captures that essence even further and will wow you. We rollout this new box with Ataulfos from Oaxaca!

The  Crespo BIG Box

Late last season, in the midst of total chaos, literally, we rolled out a new box, the Crespo BIG BOX, which many of the conventional shippers had been using for a while. In the conventional circuits this box sat stronger when fully palletized and thus tip proof, which the smaller 4KG/9LB cases are prone too when fully palletized.  The box is literally stronger, with stronger walls and corners, it holds up really well in the world of logistics and retail movement, including using the box as a  sturdy floor display, which many in our business do.

The Crespo Big Box carries 22Lbs worth of mangoes, so a little less poundage than the small box pallets, but with more strength and perseverance and stacks of 85 cases per pallet. We currently offer both Ataulfos and round mangoes in this box in a few standard sizing. The Crespo BIG Box will be available immediately upon the season start.

Retail Bags- Round Mangoes, Ataulfo Mangoes & The Mixed Bag

The Crespo Big Box launch coincided with our bagged mango program launch late last season, as the bagged fruit program utilized this particular box. The bag program, unlike other new offerings last season, was advanced quickly as an answer to retailers desire for more packaged products. Last year we were only able to launch the round mango option, but this year at the onset of the season we will offer both the round and the Ataulfo mango in the bags.

Regardless of the worlds circumstances the mangoes will still be in peak production mid-summer so Crespo Organic Summer Mango Mania will exist and during that time consumers can partake in The Mixed Bag, which includes 1 ataulfo mango and 2 round mangoes per net bag.

Bagged mango specs: 3LBS per net bag and 7 net bags per master (the Crespo BIG Box) case. Palletized at 85 cases per pallet.

 A Case for Consumers

During peak regional volume spikes and all throughout the summer season consumers love buying mangoes by the case. The standard 4KG/9LB box has always proven tricky for case sales as consumers complain it’s a bit big for this, especially in some smaller markets. This year we have changed things up and created a 6LB consumer take home case. Packed 8 cases (48LBS) per master box. This new item won’t be rolled out until late spring when volumes and demand begin to peak and case sales are higher in demand. The boxes are currently in graphic design mode and will be sent for printing next month. Expect a final consumer case with our signature Crespo Organic look and feel, totally consumer geared with recipe cards, cutting tips and usage education.

 Dried Mango

Covid-19 put a lot of plans on hold throughout all types of business and commerce, including our organic dried mango program that had been set to hit markets late last season.  We have been reworking that program from scratch this off season and are closer to launching later this year with several SKU’s of Crespo Organic Dried Mangoes including bulk as well as 1LB and 4-ounce retail bags- all packed in master cases. Pound bags will be offered in cheeks and 4-ounce bags will be offered in strips/pieces.  Three options of Crespo Organic branded dried mangoes will be sold: Ataulfo, Ataulfo con Chili and Round Mangoes (Kent &/or Keitt).

 Sinaloa Sauce

This project has been on the back burner for a while. Our Crespo Organic Sinaloa Sauce, started out as a recipe I made early on the Crespo Organic Kitchen, using sweet, silky Ataulfo mangoes and Mexico’s favorite chili,  the habanero. Habaneros have been growing alongside mangoes in Mexico forever, they are natural partners in this sauce. Back when we could be in stores doing mango tastings, cutting demos and cooking classes we would sample this sauce out, along with the fresh fruit so consumers could get a taste of the Ataulfo in the flesh and in a recipe. This immediately became one of our best recipes and everywhere we went consumers wanted to buy it. They then told the retailer and the retailers have been hounding us to make it and sell it ever since. Last year I finally perfected the bottled sauce so we are moving forward, thanks to enlarged staff this upcoming season and hope to have some small batches made and into select retailers before the seasons end, with a larger roll out next season. Future sauce endeavors include Mango Turmeric Tabasco and a line of fresh seasonal mango sauces  and salsas for the produce section.

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