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Crespo Organic Sees All Yellow

January 21, 2019

Mexico revs up mango engines with Ataulfos to start the season

Most packing sheds are currently opened, opening or will be opening in the next few weeks in the southern states of Oaxaca and Chiapas.

Ataulfos are on track to start first – some growers have started picking and others will start picking next week and, in the weeks, to follow.  Ideally growers should be particular in the pack out as its been reported by several growers – we included- that because of heavy rains during December when fruit formation was taking place, much of the onset fruit may not be of the highest quality (on the outside). Some growers, like us, are opting to have more patience as the fruit behind the onset fruit is showing much better quality.  Being particular in terms of pack out vs, the pack everything methodology that often occurs with the opening of the season, has proven to be more successful for our rather large Ataulfo program that lasts through August, typically.  

Organic Ataulfos(#dontcallmehoney) are a considerable component of our program and since consumers look to Mexico, of course, for ataulfos – it is Mexico’s native mango —the yellow slipper— after all, we do not want to deter them early in the season with substandard fruit.  Market anticipation for Mexico’s yellow slipper  is typically very strong right out of the gate, so it can be somewhat of a difficult dance, trying to make sure all the steps are followed so that ample volumes of high- quality  fruit are in line with expecations.   Consumer support, we find is highest throughout the season, when they are pleased at the kickoff.

The Crespo brand is known for quality and it’s incredibly important to us. With  the tremendous growth that ataulfos are having, as more and more consumers come to understand their unique flavor and fibreless ( buttery-smooth) texture,  we take the role of being leaders in this category seriously,  ensuring quality first, sharing pivotal information for the mutual, long-term success of the program. 

Some of the issues we will see with early ataulfos are certainly only skin deep – blemishes and marks from rain with internal flesh and flavor not compromise.  For that reason,  you will most certainly see our  Real Beauty Of a Mango campaign in full force, reminding consumers that its what’s on the inside that counts, educating consumers about the varietal nuances so that they have the knowledge to empower better mango choices for themselves and their families. 

Commodity education geared toward the consumer who chooses, uses and eats the fruit is another fundamental aspect of our program. We are incredibly grateful to have a team of people (#CrespoOrganicKitchen) that are truly expects in their fields; every facet of the commodity; from production, to distribution, to sales and rarer to our industry- consumer driven kitchen-centric education, that’s relevant, practical and useful in the consumers hungry quest for all things mango. Our motto –we are the mango experts- is real.

Crespo will begin to have fruit at the border by the end of the month around the week of the 28th– small volumes of ataulfos that will move through the month of February.   In March we move into greater volumes of both ataulfos (also much better quality) and round mangoes.  Sizing outlook is good as the weather was not too cold and fruit is expected to develop into normal size throughout both regions (Oaxaca and Chiapas)

We have very good volumes in total predicted, from our Oaxacan partnership and with the new (certified) orchards also acquired in the south.

Round mangoes from the south are slated to start the beginning of March. Onset volumes are always finite and this season predication of Peru’s, early end, will no doubt put extra pressure on the commodity as a whole during March & April. Quality outlook so far is good for rounds as they settle into their final fruit formations.

Fruit is beginning to flower up the entire  Pacific coast of Mexico, through Nayarit and into Sinaloa. It is too early to fully predict the upcoming seasons of Nayarit and Sinaloa- the feeling on the ground in Mexico; according to Jose Angel Crespo, one of the Crespo siblings behind El Grupo Crespo (RCF Distributors/Empaque Don Jorge) who runs Empaque Don Jorge I & now II, is that the season looks positive.  “ He says that the trees are, like in Peru in a bit of a dormancy period, which means less volume produced, but overall quality looks to be very good.  Neck and neck supply and demand continue to be forecasted for the organic sector, due to the extreme growth in organics and mangoes in general.

Less than 1% of all mango flowers turn into fruit, so despite the early spring brimming with blossoms in the north, we simply never know what will happen next. More up-to-date info will be available weekly as we progress through the regions and season. So  we await with anticipation, witnessing pollination and knowing   volume predictions for the north will soon be forthcoming!

Buena suerte a todas!




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