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Mango Turmeric Slushy

August 8, 2017

A vibrant and bold juicy proposition for using up your kent mangoes

It’s peak kent mango season in Mexico and kent mangoes are incredibly juicy and sweet with vibrant orange flesh. Personally, they are not my favorite eating mangoes, they are far too sweet. But I quite like them for juicier and sweeter endeavors, like popsicles and slushies!

Even though I would never recommend juicing mangoes; their flesh makes puree more than it makes juice, the kent varietal works incredible well in a juicer. Because it has so few fibers and is extremely juicy, the puree just glides right through the juicer instead of getting held up in the pulp section as it does with most other varietals. The final consistency ends up being more of a thick, silky nectar, which is perfect for this healthy and bold looking mango and turmeric slushy!

You will need a juicer and a blender or if you have a refrigerator that makes crushed ice you don’t necessarily need the blender

Makes 2 big slushies


2 ripe mango (kent varietal ideal)
3-4 inches of fresh turmeric, cut into chunks
1-2 inches of fresh ginger, cut into chunks
2 juicy oranges, cut into wedges, peels removed


Juice the mango, turmeric, ginger and orange in a juicer. Set the juice aside. In a blender crush about 3-4 cups of ice. You can also retrieve the already crushed ice from your refrigerator if yours make it. I typically use my refrigerators crushed ice and give it a few whirls in my blender because I like a snow cone consistency to my slushies.

Once the ice is crushed, pack it into two short, wide glasses and spoon the mango turmeric juice all over the top it, making sure to get all the ice covered.

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