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Mango Macadamia Nut Chili Brittle

December 19, 2021

Another holiday winner from the Crespo Organic Kitchen!

You know how much I hate mango recipes that seem meaningless, like someone just tossed mangoes into an already perfect recipe and they think they had a clever idea.  Not even examining the ideal way to incorporate a mango into the recipe. The way mangoes are often put into recipes, especially by people selling the commodity is often reckless.

Creating recipes for commodities is difficult. On one hand you must be constantly churning out new ideas and on the other, at least if you are like me- they need to be realistic, delicious and lead people to want to make them again and again.  Most of the people that want mango recipes, are generally mango lovers. I feel significant obligation in making sure all the recipes that I or anyone in the Crespo Organic Kitchen creates are not just marketing gimmicks designed to get those folks to buy more mangoes but truly practical and genius ways of teaching  mango lovers how to incorporate the essence of fruit they love into really beautiful, easy to pull off final dishes and flavors.  We want to teach them the amazing culinary versatility of mangoes and ideally help bring their own tasty ideas to fruition.  People will naturally buy more mangoes the more we can educate mango eaters on the bounty of mango joy, mangoes offer.

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