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David (OG) & Goliath (CV)

April 17, 2024

Who will protect organic growth amidst economic, climate and social uncertainties?

In the realm of organic produce, the ongoing struggle to safeguard organic growth often mirrors the tale of David and Goliath. This season, amidst economic, climate, and social uncertainties, the appeal of cheaper conventional products has never been stronger for importers, distributors, and retailers alike. Price remains a significant driver for consumer purchases, intensifying the pressure in my career more than ever before. Whether you share my passion for organics or view organics merely as another item on the shelf, the importance of protecting organic market share cannot be overstated.

I’ve experienced the weight of this David & Goliath struggle throughout my journey in the organic industry. However, in recent times, the intensity of this struggle feels magnified. It’s disheartening to witness substantial strides and achievements in organics being overshadowed by the allure of cheaper conventional produce. This shift undermines the integrity of our food systems, particularly concerning organic consumers who demand higher standards. The belief that conventional mangoes reign supreme in profitability is outdated and misguided. This misconception not only contradicts our trajectory but also carries greater consequences beyond profits alone. It’s evident to me that those who gamble against organics are destined to lose.

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