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“It’s Summertime and the Living is Easy”

July 27, 2016
Juicy Ripe Mangoes

Photo Credit: Laura DeOliveira

And I’m told… It’s Gazpacho time!  For me, that means mangoes.

Today, the title to this post came into my social media feed in the form of an organic industry blog post (It’s Summer Time and Living is Easy). It came by way of my dear friend, organic produce colleague and cooking buddy, Melody Meyer. Melody is the Vice President of Policy and Industry Relations for United Natural Foods. In addition to her tasks as one of UNFI’s leaders in policy and ambassadors of organics, she sits on the board of the Organic Trade Association and is truly one of the most prominent, well educated and experienced leaders in the organic industry. She writes a blog for UNFI, called Organic Matters, and if you are interested in, or if organics matter to you, you should definitely follow her blog and social media. Not only is she well informed from years of experience and having an actual hand in all things organic, but she is funny, clever and writes exceptionally well, allowing for the complex policy and regulation aspects of organics to be easily absorbed.

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Mexico’s Yellow Slipper

June 10, 2016

Basket of Atualfos

Ataulfo ~ Champagne ~ Yellow ~ Manila 

The Ataulfo, often seen referred to as a Champagne Mango (a name trademarked by a specific importer years back) or yellow mango, is known as Mexico’s “yellow slipper”, (after the slipper shape) as it is described in Spanish. It is one of the most coveted mango varietals available to us in North America. The oval or (sort of) kidney bean-shaped fruit has a slightly spicy and vibrant, super sweet flavor; it is constantly revered for its nonfibrous flesh and buttery consistency, as well as its small narrow seed. In terms of mangoes, the Ataulfo offers what is pretty near perfection in a mango-eating experience. In my opinion, the flavors of the Ataulfo scream Mexico, with subtle but bright citrus (limón) and spicy (chili) undertones smothered in a sweet (sugar caramel) buttery flesh.

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