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Mango & Peach Summer Tea Spritzer

May 31, 2022

Lightly fermented summer thirst quencher that will wow everyone

Last summer I  wrote a lovely blog post on my other blog, My Herbal-Roots about refreshing and herbal non-alcoholic drinks for the summer. (I also touched on how alcoholism has effected my own personal life and how important it is to keep making non-alcoholic drinks that actual taste good.

In that post I a mango herbal punch was included, and, I adapted this recipe from that one.  I use a method of lightly fermenting fruit in a mason jar, allowing it to macerate alongside seasonal herbs and spices and then turn that into a syrup and then mix it with coconut water for a refreshing summer beverage san the booze! The result is a deeply layered and ultra-flavorful summer drink that feels like a cocktail, but keeps you sober.

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