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Summer Mango Salads!

June 7, 2024

Easy, breezy mango-centric summer salads that’ll make you love the Tommy Atkins

I dedicate this post the Mango Hunter – Jeff Ray, who is known to occasionally bad mouth the Tommy Atkins on social media. This summer her rejoins our Summer Mango Mania with more Recipe Roulette and we decided to challenge his notions and teach everyone one of the best parts about this firm fleshed mango and its ability to stand on its own in a summer salad- fruit, lettuce or otherwise! You can use any mango in these salads but we prefer the tommy and hope Jeff makes the recipes using them too, just to show us all how versatile these mangoes can be.

Most important our favorite mango-centric summer salad recipes are seasonal, inexpensive to make and easy to whip up. Maybe most importantly that can feed a hungry crowd (elegant or casual) and please them with massive doses of #MangoJoy. With these salads in your mango repertoire you wont just be able to utilize mangoes more efficiently but all fruits, vegetables, vinegars and citrus juices-keeping final dishes light, fresh and healthy.

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