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Bring it to the BBQ

May 31, 2022

A quick mango bean salad that you’ll be bringing to every BBQ

Bean salads make a healthy and filling summer meal. They are packed with protein, can be served cold and withstand sitting out at the BBQ. This one is super quick to toss together and laden with healthy vegetables and tasty mangoes. A spicy -enough for all, but not too spicy- vinaigrette tops it off. This is the dish you will want to bring to the BBQ all summer, trust us.

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A Simple Mango Cake for Mother’s Day

May 12, 2018

Sometimes simplicity can lead us to a place beyond opulence

Some might argue that I shouldn’t have a voice for  mothers or mothering, after all I don’t have kids of my own and I haven’t had a relationship with my own mother for over thirty-four years, a decision I sit comfortably with, mind you.   Arguably, (my dad always said I liked to argue), I would assert, that because I don’t have kids or a mother, I have excellent far-sighted vision towards the act of mothering. With that I have come to recognize the paramount value of mothers and their nurturing powers and prowess. I have spent many hours in life cooing over mothers and their relationships as I travel the globe. I derive great joy from observing mothers in their natural state of being and loving purely.

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Mango Jam

December 10, 2016

A sweet dose of edible winter sunshine

Winter is often cold, dark and dreary, it can be downright depressing. So when the winter sun pokes it head out and offers warm rays and bright lights we perk up and take notice. Shoving our face into the warmth of the sun and basking in the brilliance of it’s power, we begin to smile. That is exactly the feeling this sunny mango jam gives in the dead of winter. It’s tropical vibrancy uplifts with precision timing. In slathering on or in all of our winter delicacies, we can cling, just a wee bit longer to the bright light and warmth we so assiduously crave. Winter becomes gratifying when we spoon this jam onto everything.

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