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Mango Centric Super(Bowl) Food

February 9, 2023

What to make while rooting for KC

My father watched a lot of football when I was a little girl. He used to gamble on games and have 7-8 TV’s playing all the games at once. I knew everything about football from a very young age. I never loved it, but I did know more than most young girls and women about the sport and to some extent still do. Football, from my vantage point, has the unique ability to excite people (men) like not much else. For me football is more nostalgic, reminding me of my father and I think for a lot of Americans the Super Bowl in particular is a time to gather, eat, drink and merrily intermingle, maybe even get a little rowdy in their brightest colored football gear and if they are lucky, their team is in the big game. No one can argue that the Super Bowl is often a joyous time and #MangoJoy is real so the point here is to bring more joy to the football experience and add mangoes to your football food. The Crespo Organic Kitchen- located in southern Missouri these days and so we are clearly all rooting for KC but our tasty and easy to pull together  ideas ware also available to Eagles fans!

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