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Heavenly Haden Mangoes

May 31, 2016

Haden mangoes in the orchard

“It has the greatest flavor that has ever tickled the palate of man.”
Marshall Schwisher, eminent publisher of music.

If you live in Florida you are probably more than aware of the beauty of Haden mangoes. Not only are they one of the most fragrant and perfumed kind, but also a Florida cultivar, likely hailing from a cross between a Mulgoba and a turpentine mango. The Mulgoba is one of the earlier mango varietals originating from the south of India and it’s considered by many to be the best tasting in the world. The Mulgoba eventually made its way over to Cuba and then Florida. It is typically a very large, sweet and tasty fruit. Due to its low yield and “ugly” squat shape, it hasn’t been attractive in modern mango cultivation but it’s still one of the most coveted and hard to find fruits in India.

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Santa Cruz Summer Mango Mania, a Hands-On Cooking Class

May 19, 2016



Come With Your Inquisitive Mind, Leave With Mango Expertise!

Summertime screams mango. As the Mexican mango season blossoms in the peak of our summer, we begin to crave more and more of this sweet, perfumy fruit. Despite mango being the most widely consumed fruit in the world, it is one of the most intimidating in our kitchens. This hands-on class takes the pressure off, teaching the basics and beyond of all things mango. From selection to storage advice, to the best cutting techniques for your skill level (including kids). The class will cover a gamut of simple, yet tantalizing recipes, yielding several more ideas and kitchen tips to use all summer long. There will be plenty of mango nutritional wisdom offered and juicy tidbits of grower and agricultural knowledge. You will walk away with the sweetest ideas for your summer #MangoMania, as well as a case of organic mangoes in hand, thanks to Earl’s Organic and Crespo Organic Mangoes!

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