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Minneola Mini Mango Yogurt Cakes

February 7, 2019

Minneola Mini Mango Cakes with Mango Cremé Anglaise and Citrus & Barberry Floral Salsa

This recipe  was adapted from Dori Greenspans Mediterranean Yogurt Cake with Clementines. I  took the concepts of  yogurt and olive oil cake and made it even moister by adding mango puree.  I got further inspired by love of the Middle East and exotic flavors and decided to included barberries and sumac. These mini cakes have excellent texture and vibrancy from the citrus zest and a perfumed quality from the mangoes.  We serve them with Mango Crème Anglaise and Citrus Flower Salsa for an effect that’s quite magical.

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Fresh Mango & Coconut Bubble Tea

February 1, 2019

& The Perfect Amount of QQ

Bubble Tea is a Taiwanese invention said to have originated in the 80’s at a well-known tea stand.  Randomly some flavor was shaken into tea, the bubbles that formed with the shake essentially named the drink.  Milk tea was already quite common, so adding sweet flavors become new way to enjoy it.  Tapioca pearls came next, which had just been introduced to Taiwan and were heavily used in desserts and sweet delicacies. It was only a matter of time before they made their way into the sweet, dessert-like milk tea concoction.

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Mango Bûche De Noel (Yule Log Cake)

December 24, 2018

A Christmas Eve Ode to Martha Stewart

I have, like so many, have admired her and been inspired by her  since I was young. (That’s before the internet.) Her magazines came first, they were the first of their kind and then the TV shows, again the first, she was and is a pioneer and she’s an exceptional recipe writer and cook.  Her recipes, tips and advice are accessible to all skills levels and unlike so many internet recipes today, they actually work and don’t make you feel like you messed up.

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Smoking Mangoes

December 20, 2018

Stove-top winter smoking for fruity folks like me

It’s winter so most of us, even here in coastal California, have put away our BBQ’s, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t smoking anything, it is after all California. Learning the art of indoor, stove-top smoking, offers great reward in terms of adding depth, flavor and  deep character to dishes where a little smoke essence goes a long way.

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Mango Jelly Doughnuts

December 19, 2018

You have no idea how much you want these

Every once in a while we make something that not only tastes  like magic but was a lot easier to make than we thought it would be. These doughnuts are that. The dough is simple and forgiving to make in the stand mixer and the flavor of the dough is scrumptious; it tastes buttery and citrusy and its texture is  soft and pillowy. The oozing mango jelly, with tropical tartness balances. With each bite you just keep wondering how many more there are. It also re-confirms one of winters best fruit pairings- citrus & mangoes. Continue Reading…