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Mango Bûche De Noel (Yule Log Cake)

December 24, 2018

A Christmas Eve Ode to Martha Stewart

I have, like so many, have admired her and been inspired by her  since I was young. (That’s before the internet.) Her magazines came first, they were the first of their kind and then the TV shows, again the first, she was and is a pioneer and she’s an exceptional recipe writer and cook.  Her recipes, tips and advice are accessible to all skills levels and unlike so many internet recipes today, they actually work and don’t make you feel like you messed up.

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Smoking Mangoes

December 20, 2018

Stove-top winter smoking for fruity folks like me

It’s winter so most of us, even here in coastal California, have put away our BBQ’s, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t smoking anything, it is after all California. Learning the art of indoor, stove-top smoking, offers great reward in terms of adding depth, flavor and  deep character to dishes where a little smoke essence goes a long way.

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Mango Jelly Doughnuts

December 19, 2018

You have no idea how much you want these

Every once in a while we make something that not only tastes  like magic but was a lot easier to make than we thought it would be. These doughnuts are that. The dough is simple and forgiving to make in the stand mixer and the flavor of the dough is scrumptious; it tastes buttery and citrusy and its texture is  soft and pillowy. The oozing mango jelly, with tropical tartness balances. With each bite you just keep wondering how many more there are. It also re-confirms one of winters best fruit pairings- citrus & mangoes. Continue Reading…

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Reindeer Games

December 14, 2018

Creamy Holiday Drinks Take in Mangoes

Most are aware of my love of a good challenge in the kitchen (and beyond),  as I mention often in my blog posts, but I don’t like to force mangoes into holiday recipes just for the sake of it. It either works or it doesn’t work and I tend to move on rather quickly if the ideas don’t appear naturally. This year while whipping up a batch of my famous Middle Eastern Eggnog, I had one of those AH HAH moments (thanks Oprah) in adding mangoes to festive holiday creamy drinks like eggnog. Even better was the notion that by simply adding mango puree, you could transform any frothy beverage, holiday or otherwise.   Which got me thinking about Coquito, a recipe on my mango to do list.

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Mangoes & Thanksgiving

November 10, 2018

Three mango-centric recipes that don’t mess with tradition

I love to cook, I assume that’s obvious.  I also like to go rogue in the kitchen when it comes to tradition. That, after all is how change is made, by pushing boundaries. I used to loathe cooking Thanksgiving food.  It didn’t matter where I was, or who I was with, the Thanksgiving table, in my mind, was filled with foods and flavors that I didn’t like; carbs, sugars and blandness. The added element of massive elbow grease needed for both the prep and cleanup for just one BIG, quick meal, seemed like a bunch of bullshit; especially as my Thanksgiving’s always seemed to have more football fans than helpful dishwashers; unless you count my loyal dog friends.

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Spooky Goblin Blood Punch & Ghost Toppers

October 29, 2018

A quick and easy Halloween drink for kids, spikeable for the adults!

Most Americans celebrate Halloween in some form or another. Whether you are giving out candy to trick-or-treaters, dressing up for work or partying it up somewhere festive- hoping to win best costume; we all tend to get extra jolly on this dark evening. I’m always trying to get mangoes in on the fun, but as I teeter more on the verge of boundaries these days then pushing through them, I recognize, we can’t incorporate mangoes into every single thing- one has to be clever about it…… it has to be tasty and not scream “Im trying too hard.” This is my Halloween attempt. Continue Reading…

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Autumn Spiced Pavlovas with Mango Curd and Concord Grapes

October 29, 2018

Pumpkin spiced mango curd, seems like something Starbucks should have, no?

Pavlovas are a super simple  and make one of the most versatile desserts there is. It’s sort of a marshmallow and sort of a merengue cookie and usually topped off with whipped cream and fruit. Summer versions are quite spectacular, filled with berries and stone fruit and dripping with succulent in season nectars.  We see fewer autumnal versions and I truth be told I kind of only accidentally came up with this idea, while embarking on the recipe/idea for Goblin Blood Punch and Ghost Toppers. I had some extra merengue from testing and some extra spice so the idea was born to not only spice the pavlovas, as I knew that would taste great, but to flavor mango curd with the spices and see if I could tame mango’s  bright and sunny, summery essence and make it quieter and more introspective than it’s used to.   Continue Reading…

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Celebrating Mexico & All Things Mango

August 1, 2018

Bay Area Consumers and Buyers Co-Mingle with Farm to Table Mangoes

“The experience of being alongside consumers in this format was so rewarding. It wasn’t about selling or being sold to, so it was natural and easy. Everyone was there to enjoy food (heavily featuring mangoes in all different ways, some obvious and some creative.) I found the conversation was comfortable because everyone has the common experience of great food, drinks and company.  Loved the evening and the excitement it created. The “party favor”, a case of Crespo Organic Mangoes was the perfect send-off to keep the evening fresh in mind.” Maroka Kawamura, Produce/Floral Program and Category Manager New Leaf Community Market

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Flowery, Salty Mango-Strawberry Shortcake

July 4, 2018

A dessert for those who lean to the savory side

I make it known often that I do not have a sweet tooth and people usually assume that means I do not like dessert. That’s absolute crap. I love dessert, I just enjoy it more savory than sweet.

What does that mean?

It means I don’t like  a lot of sugar in it. I like more earthy elements to shine through and prefer naturally sweet items to take center stage. I like a little salty nature to my dessert and a perfumy aspect really gets me excited. Flavorful ingredients like fresh herbs in desserts give dessert more character and depth than sugar does.  I also enjoy a tad of acid, balanced by  some fat; butter, cheese or cream.

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Elevated Summer Sangria

July 2, 2018

Red, white, rosé and sparkling sangria recipes for next level mango lovers

As one who has indulged in the intoxicating bliss of good wine for over half my life, I find sangria to be a complicated subject.

But, if you are going to do it, do it well……….. Continue Reading…