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Mango Centric Super(Bowl) Food

February 9, 2023

What to make while rooting for KC

My father watched a lot of football when I was a little girl. He used to gamble on games and have 7-8 TV’s playing all the games at once. I knew everything about football from a very young age. I never loved it, but I did know more than most young girls and women about the sport and to some extent still do. Football, from my vantage point, has the unique ability to excite people (men) like not much else. For me football is more nostalgic, reminding me of my father and I think for a lot of Americans the Super Bowl in particular is a time to gather, eat, drink and merrily intermingle, maybe even get a little rowdy in their brightest colored football gear and if they are lucky, their team is in the big game. No one can argue that the Super Bowl is often a joyous time and #MangoJoy is real so the point here is to bring more joy to the football experience and add mangoes to your football food. The Crespo Organic Kitchen- located in southern Missouri these days and so we are clearly all rooting for KC but our tasty and easy to pull together  ideas ware also available to Eagles fans!

The one thing most non-football folks love about the Super Bowl (besides for the commercials)  is the holiday like food preparations that go into watching the game with friends or family. I don’t watch a lot of football these days but I still dig making Super Bowl recipes, much like Thanksgiving food, tends to encompass the same items time and time again. Lots of meats, lots of drinks, chips and salsas, guacamole and some sweet stuff. Mangoes will always have a place in Super Bowl food and the Crespo Organic Kitchen gets excited about all the possibilities every year.

One of the best Super Bowl recipes we have and the best recipe to come out of the Crespo Organic Kitchen and my recipe repertoire is the Crespo Sinaloa Sauce (which if you are a buyer or retailer reading this ask us for our RECIPE CARDS for your Ataulfo displays). the sauce can be drizzled on everything from tacos to nachos, to burritos or used as a marinade for meats and fish. It’s killer with chips!

Ataulfo mangoes are basically fibrous, which means they have a super buttery consistency, and thus fare better for sauces; when its flesh is blended, it creates a creamy sauce. Despite its beautiful, spicy-tasting notes, the Ataulfo is one of the sweetest mangoes around with a caramel like sweetness, and therefore perfect to counterbalance the heat from the habanero and awesome in a hot sauce! It’s fruity and spicy and complex. It can be made to be gentle on the kick or with a big kick.  It’s our most recreated recipe ever and we challenge you all to try it!

Of course there is no better beverage (other than maybe beer) for your Super Bowl party than a margarita. And even if you don’t love a fruit mango-margarita, we think you will love our Modern Margarita & Mango Pit Mixer, which utilizes the fleshy bits left on the pits, coupled with some in-season tangerines or oranges to make the best margarita mixer that doesn’t taste like processed candy syrup ! I promise you will love it and that it’s super easy to make. It’s like a non alcoholic Cointreau mixed with a mixer and it’s super economical to make  and cleverly uses the pits from the mango pits you’ll use to make your salsa for the big game! It’s delicate, it doesn’t have an overly robust mango flavor- it will wow you!

If neither of those recipes are your jam don’t worry, we’ve got more! I perused our Crespo Organic Kitchen recipes and found some of our favorite “touchdown!” worthy bites that seem perfect for Sunday’s big game, regardless of whether your team wins or loses. (I mean when the Eagles loose!  I chose simple, tasty and mango-centric dips, wings, BBQ, salsas, drinks and sweets that will score big with your TV watching team, even those that only love the commercials!



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