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Mango Centric Game Day Recipes

February 10, 2022

What to make while rooting for the RAMS!

My father watched a lot of football when I was a little girl. He used to gamble on games and have 7-8 TV’s playing all the games at once. I knew everything about football from a very young age. I never loved it, but I did know more than most young girls and women about the sport and to some extent still do. Football, from my vantage point, has the unique ability to excite people (men) like not much else. For me football is more nostalgic, reminding me of my father and I think for a lot of Americans the Superbowl in particular is a time to gather, eat, drink and merrily intermingle, maybe even get a little rowdy in their brightest colored football gear and if they are lucky, their team is in the big game.

The one thing most folks loved about the Super Bowl (besides for the commercials)  is the holiday like food preparations that go into watching the game with friends or family. I don’t watch a lot of football these days but I still dig making the food. Super Bowl food, much like Thanksgiving food, tends to encompass the same items time and time again. Lots of meats, lots of drinks, chips and salsas, guacamole and some sweet stuff. Mangoes will always have a place in Superbowl food and the Crespo Organic Kitchen gets excited about all the possibilities every year.


We perused our Crespo Organic recipes and found some of our favorite “touchdown!” worthy bites that seem perfect for Sunday’s big game, regardless of whether your team wins or loses. We chose simple, tasty and mango-centric dips, wings, BBQ, salsas, drinks and sweets that will score big with your TV watching team, even those that only love the commercials!

This seems like a great time for me to mention that growing up in LA my dads favorite team was always the RAMS so I am rooting for the Rams on Sunday in honor of my fathers love of football and the particular Rams game that was playing when I was little and my brother gave me my first haircut with tins snips while my father had eyes hooked on the game.

In my “wiser years” Im coming to realize football is more than a game!



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