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Earl’s Organic Produce, Connects Farmers & Eaters Organically

June 13, 2017

Summer Mango Mania inevitably ensues

Mango Mania is poised to take Northern California by storm, leaving behind unsuspecting fruit lovers with a curious appetite for organic mangoes. The exclusive, regional distribution partnership between Crespo Organic Mangoes and Earl’s Organic Produce will bring juicy, sweet summer promotions on #MuchosMangoes. The two-month summer campaign will engulf the bay with a wave of mango-centric events and tantalizing digital support, aimed at mango lovers, curious foodies and farm-to-table fans.

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Mangoes on the BBQ

May 26, 2017

A sweet & tropical blaze for your Memorial Day Cookout

Every year in late spring, on the very last Monday in May, Americans celebrate Memorial Day. It’s a day where we honor serviceman who sacrificed their lives in American military operations. It’s a holiday that falls on the cusp of summer, and, for most, a BBQ weekend that signals that the long-awaited summer season has finally arrived.

The holiday has morphed over the years and turned into a long, three-day weekend, where, in addition to remembering our fallen soldiers, Americans celebrate, with fervent enthusiasm, the great American tradition of the BBQ or cookout.

This weekend, as you hang your flag at half-staff until noon, fire up the BBQ, grab your favorite people, and take advantage of the copious amounts of mangoes available at this time of year to add a tropical twist to your celebration.

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Strawberry- Rhubarb, Mango Compote

May 23, 2017

Rhubarb meets mangoes in this perceivingly exotic and versatile compote!

In the old days, the processes of canning and jarring were essential to preserving the harvest well past winter. Today, as the world has access to most ingredients most of the time, preserving has become less essential and more of an exciting culinary trick. Making jams and compotes is one of the best ways to extend the life of your favorite seasonal fruit past the curfew nature has set for it. The creativity inspired by the blank canvas of making your own appeals to me most. I can add herbs, spices, booze… I can go sweet, tart, spicy, tropical… (See: Mango Jam).

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